Thursday, August 11

FTVGirl Mira

Hi, I'm Mira, I'm 20, five feet and petite! I like being petite and even though Olivia who is my close friend is like twice my height I prefer to be not noticed. I wear very normal casual clothes and when my hair is in braids most people think I'm 15 or something. That way I don't get bugged by guys especially perverted older ones. This shoot was the perfect excuse for me to leave my boyfriend who just seems to get worse and worse of a person and my parents aren't much help. For a while I stayed with my sister, then grandma, but my boyfriend would make a mess of things. Anyway, I'm a very sexual person and maybe too submissive where someone like him would take advantage. I researched ftvgirls and did bring things and bought new clothes that I thought would fit and I liked how things turned out. I couldn't believe I could do those big toys the way I did and the white vibrator is the most amazing thing I've ever tried.

Tuesday, August 9

Viki By Morey Studios

Today, a few more shots from our erotic fashion session with Veronica Fasterova, aka: Viki, in the Prague studio.

Eve Sweet: Check by Vicente Silva

Gorgeous brunette Eve Sweet rocks a checkered outfit that clings to her sexy curves. She's invited you to play dominoes, but clearly has a better game in mind as she raises her tight skirt to reveal her bare pussy.

Kinsley: Tell Me by Flora

Cute Kinsley gives her sexy ass cheeks a playful squeeze as she bends over and unfastens her skimpy bodysuit for a sneak peek at her shaved pussy.

Nedda A: Outdoor by Erro

Stunning brunette Nedda A loves to pleasure herself in the fresh air, the petite beauty pinches her hard nipples and spreads the lips of her shaved pussy like butterfly wings, exposing the succulent pink interior.

Saturday, August 6

FTVGirl Lilith

Heyyy guyssss! I'm Lilith!!! And yes, I named myself after the demon, but don't worry I won't bite!! I grew up super Christian and wanted to be rebellious to piss my mom I started porn and now I am living my best life!!! I love wearing pink, and I am sorta constantly horny hehe. Oh, and guess whattt?! I sing and write songs!! I am actually working on a new song called "Barbie", I am soooo excited!! Oh and I really want a little black kitten with a pink collar!! In fact I want a pink collar too. Matching leash of course. That would be so beyond cute!! Just like me! I am ready to explore the world and everything it has to offer me. I love being naked and having fun, I think you will like me :)

Tuesday, August 2

Pixiee Little, Miss LaLay

Pixiee has skipped her hockey lesson and come to Headmistress’s office, but while riffling through the drawers she hears Miss LaLay coming and hides. Pixiee has no choice but to stay hidden and watch Miss caress her stockings. As Pixiee watches her sexy teacher she can feel her pussy twitching and she starts to strip. When Pixiee is naked she rubs her pussy faster and as she cums hard she covers her mouth to keep quiet.

Essie Gilligan

Essie is skipping her lesson and hanging out in the library. While she waits she runs her hands over her sheer black stockings. She shows off her legs caressing her stockings as she does, feeling them glide over each other as she crosses and uncrosses her legs. She starts to slip off her cute uniform, taking her time to show off her stockings and when she is completely naked she spreads her nylon covered legs for you.

Eva Ray "A Hard Week"

Eva is keen to show you just how amazing she would be as your personal assistant, she knows how long and hard the weeks can be and she thinks the best way for you to destress would be to have some fun with her. She pulls her black dress down and shows off her sexy lingerie while instructing you to take your hard cock out of your trousers.

Sunday, July 31

Big Boobs FHG featuring Lucy

A letter arrived today that brought back some interesting memories. It was from a man who came to the Bеаυty Pаrk about a year ago. He was not too thrilled about having such an establishment in his town and was going to let me know this in no uncertain terms. He was a pastor at the local community church, just down the road. When he came to my door (at 8:00 in the morning on a Saturday, which I thought was rather inconsiderate) I could see a fire burning in his eyes. I wasn't sure if it was a fire from God or the fires of Hell that burned there, but I decided to find out. I asked him to come in and to take a seat in my living room. 

"What can I do for you, Pаstоr Mоrrіs," I asked. "I'll make my stay short, son," he said. 

I found this amusing since he was no more than five years older than me. "The parishoners of my church don't want your compound of sin and debauchery around here anymore." Again, I almost laughed. The word "compound" made it sound like I was running some sort of cult.

Friday, July 29

Miko Dai is the flagship destination for nude glamour photography by J. Stephen Hicks. From licensing his glamour shoots to Playboy and Penthouse to creating his own online destination. Digital Desire was a great opportunity to put his vision to erotica online for the world to see and enjoy. As of 2021 DigitalDesire is part of the AdultPrime network and the vision of the late J. Stephen Hicks will live on for many years to come.